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Use Zelle Cash℠ Digital Tender℠ CBDC (pegged to $1 USD-MATIC value as of 1/11/2023) in your country to convert your banking users to a Digital Tender℠ NFT wallet system. Digital Tender℠ products are sold as-is and are not redeemable from the origin seller. CBDC admins can create profitable rules to exchange barter tokens for local currency and resell them (using "push" to NFT wallet) in exchange for local currency. 

Zelle Cash℠ MATIC transactions on the Polygon network are compatible with the ETH and GUSD code boxes on all PocktBank℠ and FedNow Cash℠ physical and digital cards. 

Check the top left, top right, and bottom right QR codes for dynamic changing global entertainment and offers! Contact us for global advertising and placement leasing. Zelle Cash is sold to be used with our free NFTKey developer wordpress server and other third-party Web3 Token Access Gating applications. 

Trust Wallet is the recommended global wallet for Zelle Cash℠ "send" transactions to Polygon MATIC blockchain addresses. Users must maintain a small amount of MATIC tokens for send fees. 

*This product is sold by Zelle Industry Alliance LLC. Use of the "Z" icon is courtesy of the Zcash project ( 

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