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variPIN℠ Advanced Real-Time PIN Security Solution License
Introducing variPIN℠, the proprietary advanced real-time PIN security solution trusted by global payment and access control systems. Our technology, with its future-proof architecture and military-grade design, provides unmatched end-user silent protection against unauthorized access. Offering dynamic, real-time PIN generation and validation, variPIN℠ seamlessly integrates into existing infrastructures as a robust, embedded second-factor auth layer. Its ease of integration and user-friendliness make it an ideal solution for applications in real-time transaction environments, from financial operations to high-security access controls. Set the standard for real-time security authorization with variPIN℠, your solution for uncompromised transaction fraud protection. *variPIN Service Partners require an OEM configured device to use.

Global Industries We Service:
  • Banking and Financial Services: Real-time retail and P2P payments, secure transactions, mobile banking, ATM, and online banking platforms.

  • Military and Defense: Secure access systems, encrypted communication channels, and secure data storage.

  • E-Commerce: Secure payment processing, user authentication, and fraud prevention.

  • Healthcare: Patient data protection, secure access to medical records, and real-time telehealth services.

  • Government: Secure access to sensitive databases, secure communications, and encrypted data storage.

  • Telecommunications: Customer authentication for mobile banking apps, secure payments for mobile services, and data protection.

  • Insurance: Secure online transactions, encrypted customer data, and secure access to claim details.

  • Transportation and Logistics: Secure access to tracking systems, secure payments, and real-time monitoring.

  • Cybersecurity: Enhanced protection for secure access systems, encrypted data storage, and secure communications.

  • Education: Secure access to digital learning platforms, online test-taking platforms, and student data protection.

  • U.S. Registered Copyright Software

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