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Dualscan is a U.S. Patented and U.S. Registered Copyright expression. Samsung Galaxy Store distribution only. No license is given or implied to distribute the Dualscan app through global channels external from the Samsung Galaxy Store exclusively for Samsung Galaxy brand devices to which install is compatible. 

The Dualscan app is an "offline" companion device that sends app-to-app API messages to Trust Wallet and does not connect to the internet and does not collect user information. The submission and review process of the Samsung Galaxy Store administrator is a verification of this app compliance to user privacy. Advanced device system admins use-cases can restrict web access to Trust Wallet to comply with any ad-hoc device protocols. This application is provided "As-Is" as a free Samsung device utility to support private and commercial uses. The asset owner of this app and it's parent company and associated partners and privies are not responsible for independent use of this app for private and commercial offerings. By installing this app, you agree to waive all claims and warranties associated with non-associated and cross-offering assets created and consumed globally due to an open availability on the Samsung Galaxy Store platform.  

*Online graphic artist communities may offer bespoke design services to the public for unique (and valuable) QR code wallet mobile wallpapers for a fee. We are not responsible for the business affairs of independent or promoted independent contractor artists associated with the Dualscan brand or Dualscan LLC artist, entertainment, and special solutions partnership divisions. 

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