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by Digital Debit®

U.S. RegC™ Software

The PocktBank℠ GUSD℠ Wallet offers easy use and management of ERC-20 USDC under the global GUSD℠ USPS Datamatrix code spec.

You must have the necessary Ethereum amount to cover fees of GUSD℠ code (USDC) transactions. This is a BYOW (Bring Your Own Wallet) application for USDC and Bitcoin transaction wallets. This app should not be used for "vault" digital asset storage. Use for planned transaction and digital asset gifting where the recipient will transfer to their main vault wallet.  


This wallet app does not connect to any non-blockchain database services and is 100% operational from the device installed.

Exclusively on



GUSD℠ Code Scanning Demo

Exclusive code format for USD and USDC.

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