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Digital Debit® USD and USPS USDC Banking Device with ScanID℠

Unzip the "SmartSwitchBackup2" folder to the root directory of a USB-C Thumb Drive

U.S. § 553.106 Civic and Humanitarian U.S. FinTech Product TX0007352888 | TX0009264048 | TXu002415736

For Personal Use Only: License required for Commercial, Enterprise, and Government Use 

Contact: U.S. FinTech Corps IP Management Department: 

© U.S. Copyright 2024 The Library of Congress Under §553.106 RegC Preamble to all forward personal and commercial derivative works.

Each install shall constitute agreement that the installed device is considered a trade product of the United States of America.

STR3EM OS V3 Smart Switch.png
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