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Digital USD & USDC

Digital Debit® AES 256-bit Global Payment Network & Communications Console

With our exclusive Kodekey variPIN℠ clock technology. 

U.S. Patented & U.S. RegC

What is FEDC Compliance?

FEDC products are U.S. Pat and U.S. RegC programmable mobile e-cards and certificates for secure 2-way variPIN authenticated transactions with global bank accounts, app messengers, P2P, and other galactic messaging system integrations. 

Digital Debit® StripeX USD P2P

Install our OEM to pay and get paid with cross-platform cashless digital barcode payments using Apple Pay and Google Pay in 135+ global currencies.

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AES 256-bit KodekeyCert℠ 

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Cloud Wallet Barcode Services
Embed our advanced Cloud Barcode in your app.
Communications Console

USPS Dualscan Stamp

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