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Digital Debit® AES 256-bit Global Payment Network & Communications Console

With our exclusive variPIN℠ clock technology. 

U.S. Patented & U.S. RegC

What is FEDC Compliance?

FEDC products are U.S. Pat and U.S. RegC programmable mobile e-cards and certificates for secure 2-way variPIN authenticated transactions with global bank accounts, app messengers, P2P, and other galactic messaging system integrations. 

Visit Us on mobile iOS and Android.

Make cashless digital cash transactions with Apple Pay and Google Pay using our OEM Device Network in 135+ global currencies.

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AES 256-bit FEDC℠ Card & Certificate

Open Digital Debit® App

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Cloud Wallet Barcode Services
Embed our advanced Cloud Barcode in your app.
Communications Console℠ Technology

USPS Dualscan Stamp

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